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Watch any or all of our short documentaries! All of our films are solutions-focused, telling the stories of people exploring ways to live more lightly on our one and only planet.

The wide range of topics explored include permaculture gardens, tiny house living and forest regeneration and – a favourite of ours – how and why to compost your poo!


Strawbale Dream Home

This film follows the building of a beautiful eco home by wonderful owner builders Adam and Sian in Victoria, Australia. It’s a stunning traditional timber frame home combining timber joinery,…
Happen Films
December 14, 2023

Together We Grow

Click here if you'd prefer to watch and comment on 'Together We Grow: The Story of Common Unity' on YouTube.What do you get when you combine a community cafe, a…
November 20, 2023

The Rubbish Trip

Hannah and Liam are the inspiring couple behind The Rubbish Trip, originally a nationwide tour offering free zero waste workshops around Aotearoa New Zealand. Now experts on the why’s and…
Happen Films
November 9, 2023

Ben and bEartha

In Ben & bEartha (or Ben and Bertha) we follow the story of passionate composter Ben Bushell of Community Compost, Nelson ( Ben’s taking community composting to the next level!…
October 8, 2023
Fishing for the FuturePermaculture

Fishing for the Future

What is the solution to overfishing? Small-scale, ethically conscious fishing is typically seen as no longer financially viable, but Nate Smith’s Aotearoa New Zealand-based Gravity Fishing business is directly tackling…
Happen Films
August 10, 2023
Growing Wild TogetherPermaculture

Growing Wild Together

About the film Watch our original film from 2016, An Invitation for Wildness. In Growing Wild Together we return to the nearly 30-year-old food forest growing on 2 acres of…
Happen Films
June 6, 2022

The Food Forest Farmers

Syntropic farming is a new and ancient regenerative agriculture practice that can be implemented in any region, in any climate, in limitless ways – even in your own back yard.…
Happen Films
April 23, 2021