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In Hobart, Tasmania, Lauren & Oberon Carter and their three daughters have been making lifestyle changes towards producing almost no rubbish – they’ve only filled one small jar with waste in two years!

They’ve been able to do this though a combination of small changes, from buying food in bulk, bringing their own containers and bags to shops, buying locally grown food from the market, composting their food scraps and pet poo, and buying secondhand clothes made from natural fibres.

Find out more about the Carter family’s waste-free living experience in their book A Family Guide to Waste Free Living and on their website.

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  • The average household in Australia produces three 3-bedroom houses worth of waste a year.
  • Food packaging is a big part of our waste – choose stores that allow you to bring your own containers and bags.
  • Avoid all packaging, even recyclables! It takes a lot of energy to recycle, and we often don’t know if it’s really being recycled.
  • Compost your food scraps to reduce a massive amount of your household waste going to landfill.
  • Use a worm farm for pet poo!
  • Avoid synthetic materials in clothing, even when you shop second-hand – synthetic fabrics are not compostable so will end up in landfill.
  • Include your kids in conversations about why and how, right from the start. Take them with you on this awesome planet-saving journey.
  • It’s not necessary to start out by purchasing new “eco” products. Replace what you have with more sustainable options only when the items are at the end of their life.
  • Our actions will filter out and upwards into the chains of power to create the systemic change we need. We have so much power as individuals!
Family shopping at a bulk food store
Making homemade toothpaste
Putting food scraps in compost bin

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