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Together We Grow


Together We Grow is a 40-minute documentary that tells the inspiring story of a thriving hub helping to build resilience into its local community by growing, sewing, repairing, sharing – you name it, Common Unity is doing it!

Too many of our communities, here and around the world, are facing housing crises, food insecurity, social isolation, and more. In addition, the multiple impacts of the Covid pandemic and climate change are current and ongoing. How can we most effectively confront these challenges, and help our communities thrive in an economic system that leaves many feeling trapped in poverty?

Founder Julia Milne and her team have created a completely replicable model for developing strong, connected, resilient communities – a model that could be put in place across thousands of communities in Aotearoa and millions of communities across the world. They’ve proven it can be done, this film was made to help them share the story.


The film is currently available with the following subtitles (click to download .srt):

More coming soon!

Audio Description (AD)

Together We Grow is now available with Audio Description (AD) via the Happen Films Store!

Planting potatoes in front of The Remakery
ReCycled Rides at The Remakery


“This beautiful film is the perfect antidote to the cynical narrative that says people are inherently selfish… This film will melt your heart. Guaranteed.”
Rob Hopkins, author; co-founder Transition Network

“Together We Grow shines light on a pocket of hope in our food system.”
– Emily King, writer and Director at Spira


“Inspires you to roll up your sleeves and get cracking… Jordan and Antoinette present us with another powerfully human and hopeful look at how a community is building social resilience.”
– jasonmarkham-27831, IMDb review

“A truly wonderful insight that shows that when we work together, just what can be achieved”
– smithm-97956, IMDb review


What does Common Unity do when food insecurity is turning into a crisis? They open source everything!

After 12 months of development and input from their community, Common Unity is launching a “Grow Kit”!


There are a bunch of ways we can each support Common Unity, from gifts in kind like seeds, garden tools, fabrics, and more, to programmes like “Fund Our Whānau” and “Fund a Farmer” where donations help them to educate their community to grow food.

Check out the options on the Common Unity Support page.


Keen to share an inspirational film with your community? How about hosting a screening of Together We Grow?

Film nights are a great way to bring people together and we’ve set our fees low to make sharing our films as accessible as possible.

Together We Grow is now available for hosted public screenings, both for in-person and online events. Click the button below to see the screening options, or for more information on how to share a film with your community, check out our Host a Screening page.


Electronic press kitIf you’re from a media organisation or just looking for more info about Together We Grow, you can download our press kit by clicking the button below.

For media wishing to arrange an interview with the team at Common Unity, please email them; or with the film directors, please Contact Us.

This film was made possible through generous financial support from
Namaste Foundation and assistance from The Gift Trust. Thank you!

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