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Why hold a screening?
Which films can I screen?

Why hold a screening?

Film screenings are a great way to connect with your community and can be the perfect starting place for building local resilience.

There are many benefits to hosting a film screening. You could use the event as a fundraiser for a project, political party or school; as an entertaining way to raise awareness about local environmental/community issues; as a way to bring members of your community together who might not otherwise meet; or, hey, just for fun!

While most of our films are freely available on YouTube, if you’re holding an event you’ll need a public screening licence. We’ve kept our licence fees low to be as accessible as possible to all communities. Please let us know if your situation isn’t met within the options we offer.

Which films can I screen?

There are multiple options available on our Store. Below you’ll find links to purchase a license for specific films.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at a film screening?

You have lots of scope to create anything from a simple screening event through to a night filled with activities. If your aim is to create community connection and/or to raise awareness about local issues, here are some suggestions:

  • Include a panel discussion after the film, inviting local experts to speak on the film’s subject.
  • Show a collection of short films all around one theme – e.g.: “Tiny House film night”, “Be the Change film night”, “Permaculture Gardens film night” etc.
  • If space allows, invite local groups to promote/share their wares, e.g., the local herb society could provide tea & coffee; the local seed library could set up a stand; local permaculture or organics educators/growers/farmers could have a table with flyers or samples of their produce, etc.

These are all great ways that we’ve practised ourselves to create connections within our community at the same time as providing entertainment and time out.

Why do I need a licence to screen films that are free to view online?

As a rule, any public film screening, whether or not to a paying audience, requires licensing. If you’re screening our free-to-view films from YouTube there is, of course, nothing stopping you from doing so without a licence. However, when you purchase a download of our films, you receive a high-quality version that doesn’t require an internet connection to view and contains no ads. Importantly, you’re also supporting us to make more films.

How do I purchase a licence?

Visit the Store page here on our website to see the screening options we offer. Feature films, short films, and collections of short films are all available for purchase. See the FAQs page for details about film files.

What do I receive upon payment?

You’ll receive a link to a high-quality digital download of the film along with screening tips and a PDF invoice. If you’re purchasing Living the Change, Fools & Dreamers, Together We Grow or Ben & bEartha you’ll also receive promotional materials and a press pack.

Have a question about screening our films?

Feel free to send us an email! We’re happy to help.