How do I watch your films?

Most of our films are free to view on YouTube and can be watched from right here on our website. Check out Feature Films and Short Films in the main menu.

Living the Change is available as a pay-to-view film for download, streaming or rental in a variety of resolutions through this page on our website. To watch Living the Change on your iPad or iPhone, you’ll need to download the film to your computer and then sync it to your device.

You can also purchase our films so that you have them permanently available on your device to view offline, or so that you can hold a public screening. Visit the store for more information.

I’ve purchased a film but don’t have a download link  / can’t download it. What can I do?

When you bought the film from our website store you will have received a purchase receipt at the email address you provided (check your Spam folder if this didn’t reach you immediately). That email contains your download link. The link does not expire, so please keep the email in your archives, so that you can access it again if needed.

To download the film, simply click on the link. You’ll be prompted to choose where to save it. The download time will depend on the file size (i.e., whether you’ve bought a short film or a feature film) and your internet connection.

Once downloaded, store the file on a hard drive, USB stick or in a folder on your computer from which you can play it. If you’re holding a public screening and need a DVD, it’s fine for you to burn one copy for that purpose.

If the download is failing, the most likely problem is that your internet connection is not reliable enough for this purpose. You could try asking a friend to download it and then transfer the file to a hard drive or USB stick. If that’s not an option, please email us.

To watch a film on your iPad or iPhone, you’ll need to download it to your computer and then sync it to your device.

I’m screening in a cinema and they’ve requested a DCP file.

In New Zealand and Australia we have a limited number of DCP files available for an additional $20 plus postage. Most cinemas require the film 1–2 weeks ahead of the screening date and we’ll need at least 2 weeks’ notice to get it to you.

Do you sell DVDs?

Due to the cost and environmental impact of creating DVDs, we’ve decided against producing them for sale. If you have no other way to screen the film, it’s fine for you to purchase the download link and create/have created a DVD copy for your personal use.

How can I gift a copy of a film to a friend?

Unfortunately, the video on demand platforms we use don’t have a set-up for gifting films. The best method we can currently offer is that you purchase the film through our website using your friend’s email address instead of your own, so that they receive the file directly (they’d need to know it was coming), or purchase it with your own address and forward the email with the download link to your friend with a personal note. We’re sorry not to be able to offer a more gifty method – we’re working on it!

What are the films rated?

Living the Change is officially rated PG. Fools & Dreamers is exempt from rating due to being a documentary containing no offensive language. Our other films are not rated.

Do the films have subtitles?

Our budget hasn’t extended to professional subtitling, but we have a wonderful team of volunteer translators from around the world who have contributed translations to our feature film Living the Change. On YouTube, we’ve enabled the “community contributions” feature, which allows anyone to add subtitles to our videos.