One-off donation

You can send us a one-off donation of any amount by visiting the donate page on our store or by making a manual transfer to our New Zealand bank account.

Bank transfer
Account name: Happen Films Limited
Account number: 38-9020-0486598-00
Bank: Kiwibank Limited:
Address: Level 9, 20 Customhouse Quay, Wellington, 6011, New Zealand
Swift Code: KIWINZ22

As Happen Films is not a registered charity, donations are not tax deductible.

(If you donate via bank transfer, we won’t have contact details for you. So we’d love it if you could also send us a wee email upon donating, so that we can say thank you!)

Monthly donation

If you’d like to donate on a monthly basis, you can become our supporter on Patreon. Through Patreon you can send us an amount of your choice each month and also get access to perks such as behind-the-scenes updates, a thank-you in a short film, and more.

Share our films!

An easy and very helpful way of supporting us is to share our films. You can do this in at least two ways!

• Share the films on our YouTube channel with your network via email, social media or just letting people know about us when you’re chatting. Ad revenue from views on YouTube are an important income source for us.

• Hold a public screening of one or more of our films for your local community or a group you’re part of. You can purchase a public screening licence from our Store.

If you have any questions about donating, please feel free to get in touch!


Happen FIlms teamWe make films because we want to make change in the world, even if those changes are small. We’ve chosen the medium of film to communicate our message because we believe it’s the most powerful way to share these ideas. The majority of our films are released online for free in order to reach as many people as possible.

This model of releasing our films for free is only possible because of the generous donations we receive. Support from our viewers enables us to continue seeking and sharing inspirational stories.


“How on earth do you make ends meet?” This is a question we’re often asked when people learn we choose not to take conventional funding routes and make most of our films free to view. Happen Films is funded in four ways: Patreon supporters; YouTube ad revenue; our Store; Philanthropic funding of major projects. Because we’re often asked this question, we’ve gone into more detail about each of those on the FAQ page.


If you’re considering donating to Happen Films, you’re probably interested to know how your money will be used. Is the way we run Happen Films aligned with the messages in our films? Or do we spend it on fancy gear, cars, and nights on the town? 🙂 This is a summary of our major expenses:

• Film and computer gear. We operate with a fairly limited range of film gear and prioritise buying secondhand for all of our tech, except for hard drives. The conflict between our films’ messages and the high energy/mining/waste involved in creating the gear we use is not lost on us and each purchase is thoughtfully made. (If you’re in film yourself and have a geeky interest in the gear we use, we’ve added the list on the FAQ page.)

• Our wages. Currently we pay ourselves what is considered in New Zealand a fairly low wage, but as we choose to live simply this works just fine. We’re fortunate to have a very reasonable rent on our little home; we have a small veggie garden; we buy most of our stuff secondhand, etc. Choosing a more simple lifestyle means we don’t need to fund a great deal beyond the necessities, and we can make our low-budget films without needing to compromise on content and quality in order to acquire funding.

• Contractors. Whenever possible we pay people to work with us, contracting out editing, or seeking help from experts to develop our direction, marketing, or business administration. (Check out the About page for more on our little team.)

• Subscriptions. Online platforms that enable the maintenance of this website, cloud file storage, plus our accounting programme and all that fairly boring stuff, which inevitably mounts up!

• Shoots. Hitting the road to make our short films, we travel by van so that accommodation is low-cost, and we take a veritable pantry of food on board to maintain our zero-waste approach. We’ve limited our personal flying to once per year to visit family in Australia, while decisions about flying for a major film project are thoughtfully made and kept to the minimum. Our domestic travel is now always by road or rail.


Needless to say, we don’t have plans to turn Happen Films into a global empire with Growth at all Cost as our motto! We’re working towards making our current team of two full-time enthusiasts eventually a team of four or five full-time enthusiasts, as committed as we are to making films that create a positive impact on the world. Right now our skills and capacity enable us to make fewer films than we’d like and to achieve very limited promotion of them. Our immediate efforts will go towards bringing on another editor to work alongside Jordan, and to bringing on someone who absolutely loves working on promotion and social media presence (because Antoinette really dislikes that stuff!). We’re a way off being able to do that yet, but it’s a happy dream to dwell on for now.