Before you write – have you visited our FAQs page?

• You’ll find info on the FAQs page about download issues, film collaborations, brand collaborations and much more. Please have a read before writing!
• If you’d like to hold a public screening of one of our films, visit the Host a Screening page or the Store for details about screening licences.
• If you have a film idea, please let us know as much details as possible. Our schedule is generally planned a year or so in advance, and overseas travel is not possible right now, but we’re always keen to hear about the great things happening out there in the world.
• If you’re keen to book a phone call with us, PLEASE let us know in your email what you’d like to chat about. We will not reply otherwise – sorry, but we love making films and want to spend as much time as possible doing that!

Otherwise, we look forward to hearing your questions, comments, or your simple hello 🙂

Our office days are Monday–Thursday, NZST.

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