Before you write – please read!

• Please let us know as much detail as possible about why you’re writing – full details about your film idea, streaming platform, etc. including links that will help us understand your project or idea. (Don’t write, “Hey guys, I have a great film idea, want to jump on a call?” This is not enough information 🙂 )
• If you’d like to hold a public screening of one of our films, visit the Host a Screening page or the Store for details about screening licences.
• You’ll find info on the FAQs page about download issues, film collaborations, and much more. PLEASE NOTE: Happen Films doesn’t do brand collaborations or have sponsored videos in any of our films and we don’t plan to, so please don’t ask, even if you feel we’re completely aligned. It’s just not our thing, sorry!

We look forward to hearing your questions, comments, or your simple hello 🙂

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