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Flute Making and Human Making

A meditation on crafting a beautiful human.



Flute Making and Human Making is a meditation on the similarities to be found between two unlikely things – a traditional Japanese bamboo flute and a human being. This short film is a unique exploration into the making of a shakuhachi flute, from bamboo harvest to beautiful music, and the crossovers with the making of a beautiful human. Had the thought ever occurred to you? Set your imagination to play!
Begin with a posture of openness, of attentiveness. Breathe down through the fluteness of your spine to sense the tensions, where to soften, where to loosen. Consider the flute’s five holes and your own five senses. What crafting can take place, what adjustments, so that the wholeness of your being becomes the greatest, most wonderful offering you can gift to the world?
Buddhist teacher Tarchin Hearn and blind flutemaker Kelvin Falconer take us on a journey into new territory, asking us to meditate deeply on our own crafting, our own fluteness, to take our turn in serious music-making for the healing of the world.

This film forms part of the collaborative series “Something Beautiful for the World”, a project in which three filmmakers from around the globe explore how small acts of love and kindness have the potential to ripple out and change the world, touching hearts and minds in ways that we could never begin to imagine.

We’ll be sharing a total of 12 short films, from across five continents, four from each filmmaker, and releasing one per month for the whole year of 2024.

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Based on Tarchin Hearn’s book Something Beautiful for the World: A shakuhachi sadhana. If you’re inspired by the film to read the book, or to learn more about Tarchin’s teachings, visit his website at

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    This has been an awesome experience, understanding how nature and humans form a bond and how we can be a better human being just by following nature

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