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What does sustainable living in the city look like? By living more simply, creating permaculture gardens, utilizing energy technologies such as biogas and solar power, and taking part in community initiatives like car sharing, this household creates money and time savings that enable them to work fewer hours and develop a thriving and sustainable home.

Find out more about degrowth and voluntary simplicity on the Simplicity Institute and Simplicity Collective websites or by reading Samuel Alexander’s book ‘Degrowth in the Suburbs: A Radical Urban Imaginary‘.

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  • Green sources of energy like solar panels and wind turbines will not be able to sustain our current way of life. We need to learn to consume less.
  • In affluent society many households could consume considerably less by being frugal and thoughtful with money and practising voluntary simplicity – with the added benefit of being less committed to working outside the home.
  • Community engagement and collective action are vital in fixing systemic problems. There will never be a politics of sufficiency until there is a culture that demands it.
  • A biogas digester can provide a family’s cooking gas using just food scraps.
  • Putting your car on a car-sharing service when you’re walking, biking or catching public transport means fewer cars on the road and a little money in the bank!
  • Globally, we’re over-consuming the planet’s resources, while at the same time billions of people live way below the poverty line. The most over-consuming nations and regions of the world need to contract through planned contraction – degrowth.
Permaculture vegetable gardens
Planting seedlings in vegetable garden
Boiling kettle on the solar dish

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