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Being the Change at 85

The Life of an Inspiring 85-Year-Old Change Maker



Is there an age at which you stop being an activist for change? Not according to Helen Dew!

In fact, Helen’s activism didn’t even begin until she was in her 60s. Back then, she was introduced to a woman who was campaigning to change the fragile and problematic global financial system. When Helen understood what the issues were, she realised, “Now I know what to do with my life.”

Our money system is integral to how we live our lives and the impact we have on each other and our planet. A lifelong gardener and an innately frugal child of the Great Depression, the concept of living simply is second nature to Helen. But as the world around her has become less and less ‘simple’ her passion has grown ever greater to educate her community about why we benefit from growing our own food, saving our own seeds, taking care of our water and other resources – and how all of these things are linked to the money system that dominates and impacts our lives.

For Helen, a key element in building personal and community resilience is in building quality soil. From making biochar for her compost to petitioning the local council to create a natural burial park, she has worked tirelessly in so many ways to contribute to her community and to the planet. She is truly Something Beautiful for the World!

This film forms part of the series “Something Beautiful for the World”, a collaborative film project where we explore how small acts of love and kindness have the potential to ripple out and change the world, touching hearts and minds in ways that we could never begin to imagine.

We’ll be sharing a total of 12 short films, from across five continents, four from each filmmaker, and releasing one per month for the whole year of 2024.

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