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Fishing for the Future


About the film

In many countries, including here in Aotearoa New Zealand, there’s a common belief that small-scale fishing is no longer a financially viable option, but Gravity Fishing is supporting a family and employees while adhering to a deep ethical understanding of how to operate on the seas respectfully and sustainably. And now they’re rolling out a model to enable others to do the same. We’re excited to share this story of the future of fishing and we hope you’ll be as inspired by it as we are.

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Gravity Fishing



Directed by Jordan Osmond
Cinematography by Jordan Osmond & Jason Hosking
Sound recording by Anna Veale & Antoinette Wilson
Produced by Antoinette Wilson
Written by Jordan Osmond & Antoinette Wilson
Editing by Bailey Palmer
Sound mix by Richard Reade
Colour Grade by Luke Ross
Story feedback from Nick Tucker
Additional footage by Phillip Puckey

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