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Ben & bEartha

A Community's Compost Love Story

Ben & bEartha (or Ben and Bertha) is a 40-minute documentary following the highs and lows of a passionate community of composters as they attempt to tackle the issue of food waste going to landfill. Their solution? A composting machine called bEartha and a community-scale approach that produces beautiful, living soil.

If compost isn’t your thing yet, here’s a story that might surprise you into a passion for kitchen scraps and microbes. And if composting’s already one of your great loves – because compost practitioners do seem to really LOVE compost – then we reckon this community-focused story is going to stir up your compost passion!

Composting food scraps seems like such a small and simple act, but it’s one of many crucial solutions to addressing climate change, reducing waste, and creating a regenerative food system.

In this new documentary we get to know Ben and Bertha – a compost nerd and the machine he’s designed to revolutionise regional composting.

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We’re currently raising funds to complete post-production of Ben & bEartha. If you’d like to make a donation, please visit the project page on Open Collective!

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Ben and Bertha film
Ben and Bertha film