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Andrew Martin once worked in the finance industry in Australia, but after learning about the true state of the world as peak oil and climate change begin to take effect, he knew he had to leave that unsustainable lifestyle behind and do something useful to help heal the earth and to be more resilient in the face of change. He and his wife Beth moved to New Zealand, where they’re in the process of turning green-desert farmland into a productive and bountiful forest of food.

It’s incredible to see how much they’re harvesting after just three years. Andrew researches extensively about the big interconnected issues in the realms of economy, environment and energy and offers his skills and knowledge to city and regional councils that need to build their own resilience (that would be pretty much all of them!). Find out more about Andrew’s work on his website Rethink Enterprises.

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  • Our approach to living is a fragmented one; permaculture offers a holistic approach that makes much more sense.
  • Downsizing gives people the freedom to make decisions about their lives – making a conscious effort not to live beyond your means is very empowering.
  • The story that underpins our society is that we need a lot of money and expensive stuff to be happy. We can refuse to believe that story and create a better one.
  • “Start growing food” – no matter where you are. Once you engage with growing food then things really start to happen.
  • Let go of frustration with weeds and just start eating them!
Permaculture food forest from the air
Andrew in the food forest

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  • Murad Yusuf says:

    Wow! I am relaxing while watching the video!
    It is very professional, indeed!

  • Anna Bla Bla says:

    Hey guys, wanted to let you know I just discovered you tonight and the two films I’ve watched – this one and the Riverton Food Forest one are incredibly uplifting. Both parties and their respective properties just look so alive and well. The people featured sell permaculture so perfectly. It gives me hope. Thank-you and keep up the great work.

  • khanh pham says:

    great !! What you are doing is a dream since I was a kid, I want to personally see this paradise, how can I connect with you?

  • Mark says:

    This is very inspiring. I myself am slowly transforming to a nature lover and recently I discovered the basics of permaculture. I haven’t seen all of your movies, but maybe it is also very interesting to learn about things like: law, buying a property, learn about the soil or ground waterlevel, business plan, packaging food for the local market, etc.
    Again it is very nice seeing people doing these kind of things. Also it is good to show all what comes around permaculture in my opinion.
    I’m looking forward to see more projects from Happen Films 🥗

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