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Here’s a subject we’re super passionate about – although it’s not for everyone! Humanure composting is the ultimate in self-responsibility – when we use flush toilets we not only waste beautiful clean water, we waste an incredibly useful resource. Our poo, when properly composted, is a brilliant addition to our gardens, making it the ultimate in ways to create a closed-loop system.

While this isn’t an immediate option for apartment-dwellers, it’s certainly an option for anyone with a back yard big enough to hold a couple of compost bays. In this video, Greg and Lisa, from Wanaka, New Zealand, describe one of the easiest ways to compost your poo. We highly recommend the book Lisa mentions by Joseph Jenkins, The Humanure Handbook – you can buy it online or download a free PDF.

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  • rooibos says:

    Thanks for ‘visualizing’ it for folks… I think it needs to be a people-size, feasible, affordable, proven, etc. ‘picture’ (preferably a moving picture : ) to really plant the seed in people’s brains. “I could do that!”

  • Jotham T. Bessey says:

    Humanue: Why worry about pathogens when composting your own manure?
    To have round worm eggs in there you would have to have round worms in your body already!
    Any bacteria would have already gone through your system and didn’t make you sick, so why worry when composting it?

    I think the pathogen concern for your own waste is unwarranted. Treat it like you would manure from any other animal.
    For large scale production of humanure, pathogens are a ligament concern due to not knowing the health of the donors, but personal production composting….not so.

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