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This Couple Live an Ultra Low Waste Life and You Can Too!



Hannah and Liam are the inspiring couple behind The Rubbish Trip, originally a nationwide tour offering free zero waste workshops around Aotearoa New Zealand. Now experts on the why’s and how’s of reducing waste, Hannah and Liam are our personal zero waste heroes – educators, advocates, and activists on a subject that is ultimately about so much more than waste.

For this film, we asked Hannah and Liam about their perspective on what it means to be zero waste, what it’s taken for them to make suitable lifestyle changes toward that goal, and their work in advocacy and activism. This short film offers inspiration and encouragement to all of us, no matter where we are on our waste minimisation journey.

Hannah and Liam’s story offers another opportunity for Happen Films to contribute to the global conversation about waste. It is topical and it needs urgent action. We see it as a critical subject to be discussing in our households, communities, businesses, and with our governments: how can each and every one of us assume responsibility for our impact on the planet and on each other and work towards the necessary system change?

What people are saying about The Rubbish Trip film

This is really impactful, thank you, makes me think a lot about how I can change my lifestyle too! Sending Hannah and Liam good luck and lots of support on their journey! Thank you Happen Films!

– zanelehaletia, YouTube

Links to more about Hannah and Liam's work and The Rubbish Trip

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  • Maggie Lewis says:

    I enjoyed hearing from this couple how and why they are attempting to show others how things can change for the better. However I think that people in general will find it hard to not want new things…consumerism is really hard to conquer and it usually involves people thinking that having more or shinier toys and goods is a show of success.

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