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Building Indigenous Food Sovereignty with Hua Parakore


About the film

Hua Parakore was established in Aotearoa New Zealand by Te Waka Kai Ora, the National Māori Organics Authority. It provides a framework using Indigenous values – Māori principles – for producing natural food without chemical inputs or GMO.

It also encapsulates the Māori worldview in its approach to how food growers are verified as Hua Parakore, with principles that require practitioners to deeply consider such things as their connection with the land, its energy, the many species living on it, and their community.

This documentary provides an insight into Hua Parakore from the perspective of one of its most knowledgeable practitioners – Jessica Hutchings was one of the researchers who helped develop the framework.

Additional content

Full interview with Dr Jessica Hutchings

We couldn’t possibly do justice in one short film to everything that framework encapsulates, so we’ve also released the full-length interview we shot with Jessica, for those wishing to form a deeper understanding of Indigenous food sovereignty and the Hua Parakore framework.

Watch full Dr Jessica Hutchings interview

Links to more information

Find out more about Hua Parakore
Visit the Te Waka Kai Ora website
Visit Jessica Hutchings’ website
Purchase Jessica Hutchings’ books on her website


Directed & written by Jordan Osmond & Antoinette Wilson
Produced by Antoinette Wilson
Cinematography and editing by Jordan Osmond
Story feedback and suggestions from Nick Tucker
Te reo Māori subtitles by Melanie Nelson

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