#6 Nate Hagens

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Navigating the Human Predicament with Nate Hagens


In Episode 6 of the Happen Films podcast, with Jordan away spending time with an unwell family member, Antoinette is flying solo for the first time. She had the pleasure of speaking to Nate Hagens, someone we’ve been following for a while now because we love his deep knowledge and insight into the interrelationship between the environment, energy, and finance.
Having begun his career on Wall Street, Nate has a deep understanding of finance, but his career took a change of direction in the early 2000s as he began to understand the repercussions of peak oil. His personal research led him back to university and a PhD in Natural Resources and he’s dedicated the last 20 years to educating himself, freshman students and the world at large about what he terms The Human Predicament.
Now, instead of Wall Street being the hub of his universe, he states: “Our real stock market is our air, our soils, our forests, our oceans, and the biodiversity we share the planet with. This stock market has been going down for over a millennium and has been in slo-mo crash mode [for decades].”
How did we get to this point, and how do we move beyond it in a way that ensures the planet and humans will thrive?
We hope you enjoy the podcast. Check out the links below to dive deeper into Nate’s research, writings and videoed talks.


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