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#2 Rob Greenfield

Rob Greenfield: Being the (Radical) Change You Wish to See in the World


In episode 2 of the Happen Films Podcast we’re joined by a Dude Making a Difference, Rob Greenfield. You might already be one of Rob’s hundreds of thousands of followers; if not, we’re delighted to introduce you to him because he’s one of our favourite people out there working to make the world a better place.

We’ve been fans of Rob Greenfield’s work for years, and had the opportunity to catch up with him while he was under lockdown in France during Covid-19. With this interruption to daily life giving many the opportunity to reflect on the type of life they’d like to lead, it was interesting to hear about Rob’s personal journey.

“It’s been about a decade now since I really shifted my life. I was living a very materialistic life. I wanted to be a millionaire by the time I was thirty. Then I started to listen to other perspectives and I just woke up to the fact that my life was not what I thought it was at all. I was buying into all these lies that corporations had sold me on what I needed to do in order to be a happy, healthy, successful human being and I pretty quickly decided that I was going to radically transform my life.”

Rob has gained notoriety around the world for some of his extreme campaigns – wearing all his own rubbish as he accumulated it over the course of a month (there was a lot to carry!); foraging or growing 100% (100%!) of his food for a year. Rather than fulfil his desire to be a millionaire, his financial vows see him donating 100% of his media income to grassroots charities and his financial net worth kept to the very bare minimum.

Rob is a great inspiration. Not because we should all choose to live this way – he acknowledges it’s not for everyone – but because he lives his truth in a way that fulfils him, in a way that he can be proud of, and in the way he truly wants to. That seems to us to be something to aspire to, for each of us in our individual ways.

Enjoy the podcast!

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    Thanks for your pod cast. And films. I’m very inspired and interested to follow and learn more. Love the idea of living outside the box.

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