The Plummery is a suburban home where a backyard permaculture garden measuring only 100sq/m (1076 sq feet) produces over 400kg/900 pounds of food year-round!

Kat Lavers describes her approach to gardening, including vertical and biointensive growing, and how important it is – and possible! – for city dwellers to be food resilient in the face of natural, financial and social crises. We were very inspired by how little day-to-day effort goes into creating such an abundance of food.

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  • The Plummary is an exploration into how city-dwellers can regain a meaningful connection to their food.
  • The aim is not self-sufficiency but community sufficiency. The aim is to have the majority of their food coming from their household, community and bio-region, from producers who are managing land that is “consistent with having a future”.
  • Despite the amount of food being produced in this tiny space, the couple spend only about 4 hours a week in the garden. A lot of time went into learning the skills and systems to reach this point, but even that has only been over 4–5 years.
  • One of the best things you can do if you’re just starting out is to start small: you’ll get much more out of a small space that is well managed than from a large space that becomes unwieldy and runs away on you.
  • Food is one of the ways we can build resilience within our systems. Access to fresh produce in cities is critical and producing your own adds a buffer to what can be provided on a larger scale. It also helps you to avoid all the packaging, transport, fuel and chemicals used in producing food conventionally.
  • And it brings such joy at the same time!
Basket of homegrown vegetables
Vertical vegetable gardens
City permaculture garden