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We’re excited to be teaming up with UK-based animator Ben Sinclair, of Fire Lily Studio, to make a series of short films that blend live-action footage and animation.

Our mission?
To paint a picture of what a more beautiful world might look like!

What if urban-produced fruit and veg punctuated our cities’ alleyways?

Tapping into the collective imagination

In this film series we want to bring not just our imaginations to the writing table, but yours too.

We’re asking you, our audience, to share with us a vision for your community that makes your heart sing. A change that could start right now and be making an impact by 2030.

We’ll use your ideas as story blocks for the storyboarding process, creating a web of ideas both big and small that we’ll weave together into a concise vision, towards creating a 3–4-minute animated film.

The film will be free to view and easily shareable – a globally sourced vision for “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible”.

We’ve chosen to mix live action and animation because it gives us an opportunity to paint a picture of what doesn’t yet exist, but could! What would you like to see included?

What if some of our community commons became
food hubs offering access to free food for all?

A story about global food resilience

Each film in the series will focus on a single topic, and the first will be food. What would you love to see happen in your local community towards creating food resilience for everyone?

Global supply chains are being stretched to their limits and our food is often travelling too many unnecessary miles to reach us – that’s contributing to our climate issues. It’s also contributing to the cost of living crisis we’re currently experiencing in most parts of the world. As fuel prices rise, so does the cost of getting food to our door. On top of that, without local food systems, so much of this food is then wasted after it is purchased. Let’s bring the food closer to home!

Imagine if new subdivisions were food resilient with their own gardens,
composting facilities, co-op shops, and community hub.

Submission guidelines

We want you to dream as big or as small as you like – every scale of change matters! Since we all have different priorities depending on where and how we live, and since we live in different kinds and sizes of communities all around the world, this will create a beautiful diversity in responses.

Character limit: 500


  • One change to how food is sourced in the neighbourhood or region that you call home.
  • A project that could realistically happen over the next 8 years (by 2030).
  • A project using technology that currently exists.
  • Be as specific or general as you like – although specific is great!
  • Your vision can be of visible structures like vegetable gardens in every backyard, or invisible structures like the concept “#food is free”.

Deadline: Midnight, 12 July 2022 NZST

Fill in the form below by 12 July. We look forward to reading your vision for your food-resilient neighbourhood!

Submit your vision

Submissions are now closed. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

What if some of our ornamental gardens
became forests full of free food for all?

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