Ben & bEartha (Community Screening License)

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For the Community Screening License, the drop-down menu above allows you to select the correct option for in-person events. Here are the specifics for each license:

Free Screening (Audience Size: 1-49)
Include this film in a community screening event to an audience of 1-49 people where you are not charging an entry fee.

Free Screening (Audience Size: 50-100)
Include this film in a community screening event to an audience of 50-100 people where you are not charging an entry fee.

Ticketed Screening (Audience size 1-49)
Include this film in a community screening event with an audience of 1–49 people where you are charging an entry fee.

Ticketed Screening (Audience size 50-100)
Include this film in a community screening event with an audience of 50–100 people where you are charging an entry fee to the event.

Free Livestreamed Screening (Audience size: 1-100)

This licence allows you to offer a livestreamed screening of the film where you’re not charging for tickets. Please note:
  • It must be to a private screening for which people register to attend. (The link MUST NOT be made available to a public audience.)
  • The film can only be viewed during the livestream period. No recording can be made of the film. (Anyone who registers for the livestream but for any reason cannot attend will not have access to the film after the event – please let attendees know this in advance.)
  • If you have more than 100 people attending your livestream please contact us for a custom licence.
  • As we can’t offer support for hosting online events, we suggest selecting this option only if you have access to the necessary platform and software.

Free or Ticketed Screening (Audience size 100+): Please contact us to arrange a custom license.

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Run time: 40 minutes
File resolution: Full HD 1080p
Rating: Exempt
File format: .mp4 digital download (or DCP for Aotearoa NZ at extra cost, please contact us to arrange this at least 2 weeks prior to your event)


Coming soon!

If you’d like to volunteer creating subtitles in your language, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us.


Ben & bEartha (or Ben and Bertha) is a 40-minute documentary following the highs and lows of a passionate community of composters as they attempt to tackle the issue of food waste going to landfill. Their solution? A composting machine called bEartha and a community-scale approach that produces beautiful, living soil.

In this new documentary we get to know Ben and bEartha – a compost nerd and the machine he’s designed to revolutionise regional composting.

If compost isn’t your thing yet, here’s a story that might surprise you into a passion for kitchen scraps and microbes. And if composting’s already one of your great loves – because compost practitioners do seem to really LOVE compost – then we reckon this community-focused story is going to stir up your compost passion!

Composting food scraps seems like such a small and simple act, but it’s one of many crucial solutions to addressing climate change, reducing waste, and creating a regenerative food system.

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Free Screening (Audience Size: 1-49), Free Screening (Audience Size: 50-100), Ticketed screening (Audience Size: 1-49), Ticketed screening (Audience Size: 50-100), Free Livestreamed Screening